Healthy and benefit wraps in the steam bath of  Vitalis Dr. Joseph
The macromolecular steam in the bath tube of Vitalis Dr. Joseph reinforces the effects of the body wraps with their nourishing oils, healing herbs, and mosturizing emulsions. An absolute “must do” The steam bath is followed by a back massage and guarantees a sensation of total relaxation. A real experience!

Original Hay Vitalis Bath
ca. 50 min | € 54,00
Originally, farmers in South Tyrol used to sleep in hay beds and, thereby, discovered the healing effects of  the external use of mountain herbs on the body. The hay bath is a considered natural and traditional spa treatment for rheumatism, hip and back pain, lumbago, muscle contraction, muscle spasms, neuritis, sciatica, synovitis, joint stiffness, and obesity. Several scientic papers have particularly drawn on the positive, long-lasting effects of hay baths for arthritis, sciatica, rheumatism, insomnia, indigestion, mental and physical exhaustion.

Sports Vitalis Bath 
ca. 50 min | € 54,00
Partial sports massage followed by a body wrap in the Vitalis bath. The heat of the compress intensifies the action of the substrates: High quality oils, mineral salts, and mud have a revitalizing effect on tired muscles after sport activities and help to reduce lactic acid in the body. Relax and rejuvenate in one!

Beauty Vitalis Bath
ca. 50 min | € 54,00
This Nutrient package contains best extra virgin seed oils, rosehip oil, and moisturizers for delicate and soft skin. This package is an „emergency care“ for many skin problems such as eczema, atopic dermatitis, itchy, irritated and sensitive skin. It promotes the regulation of the cellular metabolism and improves the overall elasticity and regeneration of skin.

Tip: Before this wrap is highly recommended to do a full exfoliation to prepare the skin. Total duration ca. 80 min | € 84,00